The Most Important Part of Our Story

This time of year is always exciting. It is a time to reflect on the past and make plans for the future. The New Year brings a blank slate that allows us to write a better future by being resolved to live a better life. We set goals and make decisions that we feel will lead us to a better story of our lives. That is ultimately what we all want isn’t it? To live a life story that is worthy of looking back on.


What is it that makes a good story? Is it being healthier, more successful, having greater wealth? Those are all good things, but in themselves make for a boring story. Good stories tell tales of struggle and people overcoming the odds against them. The best stories are the ones where everything goes wrong, all hope is lost, and right when it seems that evil will prevail, someone arrives to save the day. These stories speak to us because they point to God’s story for us. This is a story of redemption that calls each one of us to life out of the struggle and chaos of our world to life in Christ. Watch this video by Spreadtruth Ministries to see how we fit in this story.


This time of year we evaluate how we can best write our own story, but we must remember that our story only becomes good when we recognize how we fit in God’s story. This story shows us that the condition of our world is our own fault, but that God in His mercy and grace did not leave us in our rejection of Him. Instead, He came to us in His perfect timing to fix our problem in the only way possible. He satisfied the debt we owed, shattering the bonds of sin and death. So while we make plans for a better year, let’s remember that our best story is living in light of the greater story God is writing for mankind. We all fit into this story in different ways. I pray that in the New Year God will help you recognize how you can best serve Him with the talents and abilities He has given you. We do this by seeking opportunities to share God's story with those who need to hear the good news. In fact, something as simple as sharing this video with a friend or coworker could lead to a gospel opportunity. God has given each of us opportunities to reach people in unique ways and in unique places. Your best story this year depends on your willingness to share the greatest story ever told. 


December was a quiet, but busy month for us. We were able to fellowship with friends and family in our home. Christmas was also very special as our whole family was together for the first time in six years. Having little ones running around the house was a reminder of the joy we celebrate this time of year. I had the opportunity to speak at our home church and update them on how God is directing our path and defining our future ministry. We enjoyed spending time with friends and family, participating in festivities with our church family and planning our next couple of months. There is much to do as we begin the transition to be in Berlin this coming summer. Please pray for us as we continue to seek strong partnerships and that God would guide and give grace as we move forward.

Praise and Prayer

  • God's grace in allowing us to spend time with friends and family our last Christmas in the States
  • Praise for new individual and organizational partnerships this month
  • Guidance in finding strong partnerships for our family
  • Wisdom in making decisions in our transition over the next 6 months
Chad Gfeller