Our Story

Chad and Cherry are natives of Greenville, SC and met at Bob Jones University where Chad studied exercise science (2003) and Cherry studied marketing (2004). They were Married in March 2005 in Greenville, SC at Hampton Park Baptist Church and have two daughters, Quinn and Grace. They are members of Trinity Bible Church of Greer, SC and are active in children's ministry and outreach with their church family.

Chad has pursued a career coaching collegiate soccer over the past twelve years at North Greenville University where he coached both the men's and women's soccer programs at the NCAA Division 2 level . This career has opened opportunities for ministry and given Chad the ability to influence lives through the game of soccer. Chad has had the opportunity to participate and lead sports ministry locally and abroad. In particular, he has seen the potential for the gospel through urban sports ministry and leading teams to New York City and Berlin, Germany have been a driving factor in the Gfeller's future plans and the opportunities they see in Europe's changing climate. Most recently Chad has received an MBA from North Greenville University (2016) and hopes to use the tools he has learned to develop an effective ministry in Berlin that is grounded in the local church.

"It's so easy to seek after things that will not ever fulfill us. I grew up knowing the gospel and believed what it said. The problem was I knew what Christ had done for me, but it was not as important as what I wanted. I wanted to chase a ball around a field. This led me to participate in a soccer mission team to Brazil the summer before I started college. This trip changed my life. It showed me how lost our world was and that just like millions all over the world I had replaced Christ with an idol that would one day be worthless. We all shine our lights in different ways. God has given us all the talents and abilities to mirror his light to others (James 1:17). I hope to use soccer to attract people to the light of the gospel."  Chad Gfeller

Cherry began a job during college at Nexsen Pruett and was hired full-time in 2004 as a paralegal. She has experience in workers comp and litigation and has worked for some of the best attorneys in South Carolina . Cherry teaches children's church at Trinity and serves in VBS and other church outreach to the local community. Being the wife of a coach has opened a number of opportunities for Cherry to have an impact on players and families during Chad's career at North Greenville. She has a heart for children and hopes to use the experience she has gained in these situations to encourage families and minister to the hopeless. In particular, Cherry will be involved in the children's ministry at the local church in Berlin and will assist in organizing weekly outreach programs and encouraging fellow believers in their home.