April 2017

Peace, joy, and contentment. Three things we are all searching for in this life. We find glimpses of it in many ways. At times we seem close to obtaining it. God gives us great things that we receive tremendous satisfaction through.

Our family sold our house this past month. I would be lying if I said it was easy for our family to let go. This was the house that was the haven we brought our daughters home to and the refuge from the storm when Cherry’s dad passed away. In it we experienced peace, joy, and contentment through good times and bad. We felt we were safe when we were at home and God showed us tremendous grace for allowing us to have a home that was everything we ever wanted. So to be honest, last week was a rough week. As we closed Friday, April 28th we could not help but feel like we were losing a part of our peace, joy, and contentment.

But in the midst of our pain, on this same day we had friends facing much greater circumstances. Friends who had to say goodbye to husbands and fathers who lost their battles with cancer. I went to the memorial service for one of these men this past weekend. The words describing the way this man lived his life were recorded on the back of the program for the evening and they had a profound impact on me.

I am not deserving of God’s grace. I am not deserving of God’s love. God is STILL gracious toward me. God is STILL loving toward me. God wants me to trust Him in spite of my circumstances. God WILL deliver me, therefore, I should be peaceful, joyful, and content.

These are the words of a man who was living for more than this life could offer him. A man who embraced the magnitude of what Christ had done for him. And when others would have despaired, he peacefully, joyfully and contently walked a path that was difficult because he knew God was waiting for him there. As we all walk different paths in this life may we grasp real peace, joy, and contentment that comes from knowing God’s grace and love even though we do not deserve it.

We have purchased our plane tickets to arrive in Berlin on July 19th. Cherry and I will be in Berlin June 5th-10th to try to find housing as well as meet with our ministry partners and prepare for our family to arrive in July. The next two and a half months will be busy making preparations to leave as well as raising the remainder of our support. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for us! Here is how you can pray for our family.

Praise and Prayer

Praise for God's grace in allowing us to sell and move out of our home and for providing us a place to stay until July

Praise for the blessing of having one of our church partners allow us to store the things we are shipping to Germany over the next couple of months

Praise for God directing us to a great church and missionary couple in Berlin with whom we plan to work

Prayer for Cherry and me as we travel to Berlin the first week of June and that we would be able to secure housing during this trip.

Prayer that God would open doors for us to secure the rest of our support over the next two months

Prayer that Quinn would be accepted to the John F. Kennedy School 

Chad Gfeller