May 2017


In what do you find your identity? We all find it in something. Normally, it is related to our position, privileges, or abilities. Our identity comes from the situations and circumstances we are born into. It also comes from the things we gravitate toward because we feel those things fulfill us. These things separate us into groups based on how we look or interact with each other. While some would argue that the position we are born into is the major factor for how we see our identity, I would say that our identity comes from what we find is most important to us.

From a young age we begin searching for this identity. We see ourselves as artists, athletes and even outcasts. Our world comes to know us by these labels. Our identity defines our passions. It influences how we pursue life (or death for those of you who like to jump out of planes or navigate sheer rock faces).  So with so many different ways of being identified, is it any wonder that the divisions between us are deep and only getting deeper? We try to make it about race or politics, but is that really what divides us?

Our problem is rooted in how we see ourselves. "My group is better than yours" because my normal makes you abnormal! Our differences seem irreconcilable.  But Paul tells us that they are not:

But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it-- the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe. For there is no distinction.

Romans 3:21-22


No distinction for those who are in Christ! This is an incredible statement from Paul because the people he was talking to in this letter were mortal enemies. The Jewish people could not have been more different than their Gentile counterparts. On one side you had a people caught up in their own self-righteousness in the law, and on the other a people content to live in their sin outside the law. But Christ changed all that. He gave them the gift of a common identity for all who would believe in Him through faith. This is the only distinction that matters. Do we find our identity in Christ or in ourselves?

If we find our identity in Christ, then we will use the things we identify with to glorify Him. We will have people in our homes and impact the lives of the people we work with for His glory. He will be more important than the objects or passions He has placed in our lives. Christ will be the ground by which we identify with people we at one time had nothing in common.

This month has been busy raising our remaining support (we could still use some help if you would consider partnering with us). My parents have been gracious to host us until we leave in July and we are thankful for the time we get to spend with them over the coming months. We have also been setting up meetings for our planning trip to Berlin that we leave for this coming Sunday. We will be in the city for a week and will be gathering information and getting things ready for our arrival in July. We also found out today that Quinn has been accepted to the John F. Kennedy School, which is a tremendous praise. Thank you for praying! Your prayers are evident in our lives.

Praise and Prayer

  • Praise that Quinn was accepted to the John F. Kennedy School. Both girls have been accepted now!
  • Praise that we are closing in on the window of support that we need and God's provision for our family.
  • Prayer for our trip next week. Specifically that we would be able to identify housing and gain information on how we can minister to the best of our ability once we arrive.
  • Prayer for wisdom and grace for our family over the next month.
Chad Gfeller