June 2017

My cousin is a good fisherman. In fact, he is so good; he started his own fishing charter and does it for a living. So when my dad and I had a chance to fish with him this past week we jumped at the opportunity. He knows how to read the conditions that make up for good fishing. As we started out as the sun was breaking, we moved from spot to spot reading the currents and tides, fishing the spots that were favorable for catching fish. Some of these were located in the quiet coves near our landing spot and others were across open seas and choppy waters. But our guide directed us to places all day that gave us some of the best fishing that we have ever experienced. He showed us where to cast and what kind of bait to use and we were not disappointed with the results.

As our family starts out across open waters and choppy seas this month, I am reminded that we also have a good guide. Fishers of men recognize the opportunities set before them. This could be in the neighborhood God has placed them in or on the foreign field that He has taken them too. Regardless of the location, the Holy Spirit leads them into prime fishing grounds to share His good news, so that He can open eyes to the truth of the gospel. We glorify Him by recognizing His leading and casting the reel. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would send out His light and His truth before us this month and that we would seize the opportunities he puts in front of us to proclaim His name.

Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me. Psalm 43:3

This month started with a planning trip in Berlin. We met a lady in Newark airport that lives just 5 minutes from the apartment we were able to secure while we were there. She invited us over to her house and showed us around the area we will be living. We praise the Lord for directing us to her and are praying the gospel would be real to her when we connect with her later this month.

During our trip, We were able to stay with the family with whom we will be working. We are so excited to work alongside the Dye family and the church they started, Crossway International Baptist Church. The Crossway church family is actively involved in reaching refugees and we are excited to come alongside them in making Christ known to the nations. The area the church is located in is near an area where refugees will be settled long-term, giving us opportunity to develop a sustainable ministry in this area.

We were also able to meet with close friends Tabea and Kristiane who I have done ministry with on short-term trips over the past couple of years. We plan to start a new weekly sports ministry alongside them and their organization in Reinickendorf in September. They are already using a number of ways to reach refugee and underprivileged children through discipleship-oriented programs so this partnership will give us a platform to develop our ministry model.

We were able to minister alongside our home church this past month leading games for VBS as well as help lead a soccer camp with one of our church partners. We also had an incredible time of fellowship with another church partner and are so thankful for the strong bonds we are building as we pursue the gospel together. We could not be more grateful for the churches and families that have come alongside us and encouraged us to step out into the place God has called us to.


Praise and Prayer

  • Praise for God providing a place for us to live

  • Praise for God's direction to like-minded ministry partners we can work alongside
  • Prayer for us as we pack up our lives over the next week and leave for Berlin on July 18th
  • Prayer for our new friend Dorte and that God would open her eyes to the gospel as we build a relationship with her
Chad Gfeller